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Supersonic Festival is not for beginners!

By Simone Ribeiro

Photos: Simone Ribeiro and Rob Dann

If it needs a definition, the 9th edition of the Supersonic Festival can be summarized as: nearly 30 hours of music, artistic interventions of all sort, workshops for nor musicians or audiences complain.
A festival that keeps the truly meaning of the word underground is not for beginners. You must to keep the ears and feet in shape to face the three-day event. And we moved, literally, to Digbeth, and check out the festival from its starts to the end.

Unlike other British festivals that are held in large parks, farms and other relatively giant places, the Supersonic Festival is held in the Custard Factory - for those who do not know the space, the venue hosts events, exhibitions and gigs, besides maintaining a good number of independent -  which is located in the district of Digbeth,  famous for its bohemian life which includes pubs, nightclubs and etc.

(Read more about the relationship between Supersonic Festival and Custard Factory here!)

On Friday, 21 day, even with the temperature dropping rapidly, about 9 pm, there was already a significant queue at the entrance of the event. With gigs simultaneously happening in two different stages, Boxxed and Space 2, I had to choose what to watch first.

And I chose those who were playing on stage Space 2. The collective from Liverpool called APatt just showed what they got! A multimedia experience abusing of the virtuosism of its musicians that during all gig, alternate the instruments!  

A good combination of synthesizers and other sort of sound effects! Later, at the same stage, the band from London, Part Chimp did a show in which the ears were not spared.

The band, which will finish its activities late this year, presented a concert which guitars and distortions prevailed. Good for the audience present and not good for those who have lost one of the last opportunities to see a good representative of the English experimental rock.

DJ Scotch Egg, one of the most waited gigs for me at the festival-, would be on Boxxed stage right after Part Chimp one. And I ran over there! I ran not, I set out. Because one of the good things about Supersonic is the distance between the stage!
Less than 50 meters apart from one gig to another! Thus it was pretty much possible to see without rushing around, the show Dj Japanese Shigero Isihara, aka Scotch Egg, that you can also calls "bonkers" because what he does on stage is unmatched. Making music with a gameboy is not for everyone. Just brilliant!

See more pictures of what happened in Supersonic on Friday

On Saturday, the festival began earlier. At 1:30 in the afternoon for us, at least! After have regretted losing one of the best shows of the event on Friday, the Secret Chiefs 3, we tracked early to Digbeth, after all, this was the day that everything would happen at once.

Installations, exhibitions, workshops, get together with press, coffee and cakes of the most varied and a lot of noise, of course, yet to come. A day to turn the Custard Factory upside down, literally! First stop was at the Get a Grip shop, where the public could make your own t-shirt and participate in the workshop of screen printing. I met also the work of Nathan Blacker, who edit the fanzine DIY Times and he runs a really cool shop called No Guts No Glory, in Exeter.

The first band to check was
Bardo Pond, on The Space 2 stage. The American psychedelic rock proved to be competent in the sweet voice of the vocalist Isobel Sollenberg, who also took turns playing the flute, properly muffled by the guitar riffs of her band.

A third stage was also presented that day, the Old Library one, where it held a lot of alternative bands. And we still had time to do with a quick snack right at the opposite of this stage!  And even if they are not our sponsors, vegetarian pizza of 
Yumm’s Café  deserves all our respect. Best snack in Digbeth ever!
As the area as well has the best pubs in Birmingham, why not stop to drink in two of the traditional ones: Spotted Dog and The Old Crown. Places where you could find some musicians of the festival as well, of course.

At 08:30 pm I had to make a decision:Lucky Dragons and Wolves in the Throne Room? With both playing at the same time, in different stages, of course, watch a bit of each one: always the best decision.

The Lucky Dragons’ gig is quite an experience I must say. The French duo that makes a concert in which the audience participates all the time is phenomenal, a true invitation to risk yourself making some music with the guys, even more so if the drinks are already having an effect on you.  Multimedia effects and even spit (!?!) were part of the unconventional repertoire of them.

The doom metal of the
Wolves in the Throne Room brought a lot of weight and dry ice to the stage  Space 2, opening the headbanger’s session on Saturday night, which continued to predominate with the concert of the  Electric Wizard, a.k.a. “ the most heavy  band of the world.

In the early minutes of Sunday, my favorite band took the stage. The North American duo
Zombi, made an impeccable gig. Steve Moore – that you know, also gave us an exclusive interview – and Tony Panterra are a kind of Rush formed by only two members. And it is a hell of a compliment, mate!!!

The Progressive rock, full of virtuosity and synthesizers closed Saturday night and opened the Sunday to those who waited for the gig in a cold Birmingham day-break. Just a pity that Monarch gig was at the same time that the Zombie one. The choice had to be made!

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 Sunday, last day of Supersonic, baby. A day waited for the fans of the legendary punk rock band Turbonegro. For us, the time to check out the legend of Synthesizers, Silver Apples!

But why not starting the day with the project of DJ Scotch Egg and his friends? The
Drum Eyes was the most pleasant surprise of the festival. More power than noise, a sound they call "pop" but so exciting that was just impossible to be stand or still.  With songs based on the album Gira Gira, from 2010, the band did the best gig of the day.

Meanwhile, at the Old Library, Japanese, Hiroshi Hasegawa (aka Astro) did a gig in which synthesizers and incense gave life to the psychedelic. Introspective without ceasing to be exciting! We still had time to check the presentation of the Barn Own , formed by Evan Camitini and Jon Porras (great name, by the way!) on Space  2.

As the next concert of our "agenda" was the
Silver Apple, I headed to the nearest pub, which lies within the Custard Factory itself, to rest your feet, fill the can and also check  the six goals of the incredible beating of Manchester City  against its rival that day. Historic score to a also historic day!

When I went to the Boxxed stage, a friendly gentleman wearing glasses was already warming up his instrument. Who would say he is the one responsible for changing the psychedelic hippie scene in New York in the late 60? Great influence to loads of people, and the great news are the music that Silver Apples makes can still be considered very current.

A real school for those who want to venture into electronic music! The American musician spoke to the audience, complained when his instrument decided not to work and he was also extremely grateful to the audience who cheered during all gig, of course.

The last concert of the night and the festival-at least for us- was the Japanese hardcore band
Envy. With the experience of those who have released eight albums and traveled the around the world on tour, Envy played that night highlighting the impeccable performance of vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa who walk through the guttural vocals and the sweetest of all songs. A treat indeed!

And that way we close the coverage of Supersonic in 2011, hoping to join next year, the 10th edition, of the most underground festival in this country. #fact

Check the photos of the last day of Supersonic
Lucky Dragon`s gig:

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